Super Bill

An itemised list of physician charges generated by a hospital—e.g., UB-92—or by a physician’s office—e.g., 1500—for services rendered
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Harrison poised for dream return on Burns super bill SCOTT HARRISON is poised to make a sensational comeback on a bill guaranteed to thrill Scots fans.
GEORDIE rookie Cash Hussein has landed a prestigious appearance on Amir Khan's world title super bill at the MEN Arena in Manchester come April.
Promoter Frank Warren is lining up another super bill to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his involvement in boxing - and in the Cardiff 23-year-old he might have found the latest in his long line of headline acts.
The software also includes a physician practice financial application that converts patient visits to super bill with only a few clicks as well as a complete database of diagnosis and procedural codes.
When the van broke down in Pennsylvania, Kathan relied on the goodwill of a local mechanic, who paid for the replacement part and put Super Bill up for the night, until he could get the vehicle fixed.
When the doc is done and the patient is escorted out to the front, the super bill is in the computer."
"That's a huge bill, that's just a super bill to get through in one session," Wiley said.
* Have patient balances printed on the encounter form or super bill
A common source document, the super bill, was used to record appointment time, arrival time, chart up time, doctor sees patient time, and sign out time.
This indicates that the industry still has a long way to go towards realizing the frequently touted savings part of the "paperless process." A number of solutions exist in the marketplace to capture and store images for the whole gamut of claim types: HCFA-1500s, UB92s, subscriber-submitted claims and super bills.