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Any legislation that requires periodic reauthorisation to provide funds and resources, in the absence of which, the ‘sun sets on them,’ and they cease to exist
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3) At first blush, a sunset provision might seem to be a straightforward example of a procedural reform that would accelerate, rather than slow, policy reform.
This is because a sunset provision causes the law to return to its presunset state--that is, to return to the policy choices of prior "generations" of lawmakers.
The original sunset provision also provided a grandfather clause for investigations that began, or potential offenses that took place, before the date of the provision's expiration.
1034) to repeal the sunset provision of the original ban; Sen.
The final regulations did not extend the December 31,2003, sunset provision for the safe harbors under notice 2002-8 for pre-January 28, 2002, arrangements.
The AAP decided to support the bill in its entirety, even though it didn't agree with a sunset provision that calls for an evaluation of the pediatric equity act in 5 years.
It is important to note that there is a 4-year sunset provision for some parts of the act.
107-296), by repealing the sunset provision and allowing for continued procurement relating to defense against or recovery from terrorism or nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological attack (H.
On the other, the draft legislation features a sunset provision that will end the federal program after three years, which makes it a short-term backstop that should not divert the attention of the reinsurance market or risk managers from the need to manage capital and risk for the long term.
2001-51 (1) addressed (1) allowable benefit increases and their effect on other qualification requirements, (2) plan amendments and (3) the sunset provision.
2143 would remove the sunset provision from the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (P.
The Maritime Security Program has a legislated sunset provision, effective August 2005.