Sunset Law

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Any legislation that requires periodic reauthorisation to provide funds and resources, in the absence of which, the ‘sun sets on them,’ and they cease to exist
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The 2013 Legislature should study how to implement the auditors' recommendations, and also consider renewing the sunset law.
KAPA II was far more extensive than the 1994 KAPA I and included the following main provisions: (1) the adoption of the rule that all regulations must be promulgated under an authorizing statute; (2) the establishment of a civilian-led Regulatory Reform Committee (8) under the president; (3) the adoption of a policy whereby the creation of new regulations or the strengthening of existing ones required a mandatory regulatory impact analysis, the introduction of a registration system, and a sunset law for all existing and new regulations; and (4) the establishment of a Comprehensive Regulatory Improvement Plan for existing regulations.
24) By the early 1980s, thirty-five states had enacted sunset laws that mandated periodic review of government agencies and other entrees.
27) See Vein McKinley, Sunrises Without Sunsets: Can Sunset Laws Reduce Regulation ?
Why are certain state policy innovations such as sunset laws or teacher competency testing laws adopted in some states, and in some situations, but not in others?
Several of the officials who had rammed through a process to institutionalize a blitzkrieg assault on waste and inefficiency in state agencies had arrived at the same conclusion legislators in several other states had - that the sunset law, originally designed to do something similar, had evolved from being a solution into being the kind of problem it had been created to solve.
Rick Perry's signing ceremony on the state's new sunset law protecting a separate and independent regulator also became a vehicle for airing the industry's national campaign on the same topic.
The 1979 rule is set to expire under a sunset law passed in 1996, and the O'Bannon administration has said it does not intend to renew it.
In heralding the enactment of a sunset law renewing the Texas Credit Union Department for another 12 years as a major victory for dual chartering, the Texas Credit Union League said the action by state lawmakers should be a factor weighing on Congress as it considers federal regulatory restructuring.
He's got tax cuts, spending limits, two-year budgeting, federal sunset laws, welfare reform, federal job cuts, limits on unions congressional term limits and restraints on pay for lawmakers and more.