Sunset Law

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Any legislation that requires periodic reauthorisation to provide funds and resources, in the absence of which, the ‘sun sets on them,’ and they cease to exist
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This drive toward maximum human efficiency was held in check by (infinite corridor, infinite) Sunset Provision, a looped video projected on a hanging dust sheet.
(3) At first blush, a sunset provision might seem to be a straightforward example of a procedural reform that would accelerate, rather than slow, policy reform.
272 (codified as amended in scattered sections of 8, 15, 18, 22, 31, 42, 49, and 50 U.S.C.), which gave expanded enforcement tactics to the executive, were subject to a four-year sunset provision, id.
And if we need to establish demonstration projects, let's do so only if there is a sunset provision and a strong evaluation component.
The bill has a sunset provision to expire in three years.
However, because of the veto, the Dental Board of California (DBC) itself, as well as its Committee on Dental Auxiliaries, will cease to exist as of July 2008 when a sunset provision takes effect.
The exposure comes after regulators were urged by Tom Campbell, the long-time chair of the Washington-based American Academy of Actuaries VA CARVM work group and a life actuary with Hartford Life, as well as the American Council of Life Insurers, that the model be exposed and ultimately adopted so that what they believe is more effective regulation would be in place when a sunset provision of Actuarial Guideline 39 is triggered on Jan.
5970), which would extend expiring tax credits, repeal the sunset provision for the estate and generation-skipping taxes, and increase the minimum wage.
The act has been in place since 1988, and when it was first implemented, it contained a sunset provision that required it be reviewed every five years.
1034) to repeal the sunset provision of the original ban; Sen.
The final regulations did not extend the December 31,2003, sunset provision for the safe harbors under notice 2002-8 for pre-January 28, 2002, arrangements.