Sunset Law

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Any legislation that requires periodic reauthorisation to provide funds and resources, in the absence of which, the ‘sun sets on them,’ and they cease to exist
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Why are certain state policy innovations such as sunset laws or teacher competency testing laws adopted in some states, and in some situations, but not in others?
Several of the officials who had rammed through a process to institutionalize a blitzkrieg assault on waste and inefficiency in state agencies had arrived at the same conclusion legislators in several other states had - that the sunset law, originally designed to do something similar, had evolved from being a solution into being the kind of problem it had been created to solve.
Addressing Congressional and White House moves on an independent CU regulator, Richard Ensweiler, president/CEO of the Texas Credit Union League, said the state's passage of its sunset law last May demonstrates how a "robust" industry can uphold a successful structure for state-chartered CUs.
The rule's supporters, however, maintain that the sunset law was intended to get outdated rules off the books--not to change public policy.
League President/CEO Richard Ensweiler said an additional goal in passing the sunset law was "to ensure that the bill did not unduly expand regulatory powers and burdens on credit unions in a time of significant financial turmoil."
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This definition is derived from Black's Law Dictionary, which defines a "sunset law" as a "statute under which a governmental agency or program automatically terminates at the end of a fixed period unless it is formally renewed." BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 1574 (9th ed.
The league, joined by the North Carolina-based Center for Responsible Lending, AARP, consumer groups and others, said a last-ditch try by payday proponents went down to defeat April 7 after a state Senate panel declined to revive a bill overriding the sunset law.
Perhaps the most frustrating was the newly enacted Sunset Law of the early 1980s.
He's got tax cuts, spending limits, two-year budgeting, federal sunset laws, welfare reform, federal job cuts, limits on unions congressional term limits and restraints on pay for lawmakers and more.
As noted earlier, over the past several decades, sunset laws have been passed in several states--about 36 since the 1970s.
What is not silly, however, is the old concept of "sunset laws," which require the Legislature, on a periodic basis, to look at government programs and see if some have outlasted their usefulness and should be eliminated.