Sunless Tanning Cream

A lotion or cream containing Larrea divaricata or other vegetable extract, which regulates the skin's shedding process and enhances one normal skin colour, providing a sun-bronzed appearance in as little as 30 minutes without the requisite sun time. Sunless tanning creams provide no UV protection
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Instead, try a sunless tanning cream or spray to maintain a golden glow without risking your health.
Its Ombrelle Sunless Tanning Cream for Face with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 is said to be first mass market self-tanning product with SPF for the face.
New Banana Boat sunless tanning cream with color indicator is designed to eliminate streaking and create a more natural look.
Playtex, too, has added a new sunless tanning cream. New Banana Boat sunless tanning creme with color indicator contains natural ingredients such as henna to help eliminate streaking and an improved formula to extend the life of a tan.
Playtex Products Inc.'s Banana Boat is one of the more recent players to get into the sunless tanning segment with the launch last year of a sunless tanning cream with a self-adjusting color formula that lets the user control the shade of his or her tan by reapplying the cream.
L'Oreal Feel Naturale Light Softening was chosen as best blush, while Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Cream was selected as best self-tanner.
Playtex has also added a new sunless product to its lineup, Banana Boat Sunless Tanning Cream with Color Indicator.
Banana Boat got into the sunless tanning segment recently with the launch of a sunless tanning cream that comes in two shades -- soft medium for lighter skin tones and deep dark for darker skin tones.
Also this year Pfizer introduced the first mass market tinted sunless tanner, Bain de Soleil StreakGuard Sunless Tanning Cream, says the spokeswoman.
To drive volume further the company has introduced Bain de Soleil StreakGuard sunless tanning cream. The launch is a response to concerns over the possibility of misapplication with established products and resultant untanned streaks, according to the spokesman.
Playtex Products Inc.'s Banana Boat sunless tanning cream offers protection against both ultraviolet-A and ultraviolet-B rays in an SPF 8 formula.
This summer it will add a sunblock with an SPF of 45 for children as well as a deep dark sunless tanning cream.