Tanning Bed

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A bed or booth fitted with UV lights that emit UV-A, and lesser amounts of UV-B radiation, homogeneously delivering maximum light in the minimum time
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Efforts have been made to restrict sun bed use, particularly among young people.
We have the first positive comments from people and travel agents for the uniformity (of the sun beds and umbrellas) and the fact that there are comfortable places for people," Karousos said.
3:00pm - I gather all of the used sun beds and once again, hop across the pool deck to make sure the temperature of the sauna and steam room is just right.
Newcastle North MP, Catherine McKinnell, is supporting a national campaign led by Liverpool City Council - and backed by Newcastle City Council - to give local authorities powers to licence and regulate sun bed operators.
The Germans may indeed get up at 5am to reserve their sun beds and then go back to bed but, in their defence, they have breakfast early and are sunbathing by 8.
COUNCIL officials are offering to train and advise sun bed operators before tighter rules on hiring them come into force.
Unite/CPHVA School Nurse Forum member Kathy O'Connell reinforced that early health education is needed: 'More and more young people are using sun beds and believe that they have to be tanned to look good.
She said: "I propose to submit a Memorandum to Government seeking approval to draft a Bill restricting the use of sun beds along these lines by the end of June.
A SINGER in one of Britain's mostsuccessful ever girlbands joined forces with a Cardiff MP yesterday to demand new laws to punish tanning salons that allowunder-18s to use sun beds.
Meanwhile the number of men buying sun beds and lamps is up 20 per cent, with 7,500 more sun beds bought in the past 12 months than the year before.
It is unfortunate someone chose to ignore the warnings about sun beds - I have posters all over the shop and on the doors.
Sun beds emit mainly UVA light, whereas it is natural UVB rays from the sun that triggers Vitamin D production, study spokeswoman Sally Watson said.