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(1) SUMO

Sentrin, Small Ubiquitin-Like/-Related Modifier, Ubiquitin-Like 1. One of the superfamily of ubiquitin-like polypeptides that covalently attach to intracellular target proteins altering their function, location, and/or half-life

(2) Sumo

A Japanese contact sport in which a wrestler (rikishi) tries to force an opponent out of a circular ring (dohyoo) or touch the ground with any part of his body other than the soles of his feet. The sport is nearly as old as Japan itself, which is the only country where it is practised professionally
Health problems Sumo are at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypercholesterolaemia, hypertension, heart attacks, bone and joint problems, and live an average 10 years less than the average Japanese male
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But there is so much more to being a sumo wrestler than enjoying calorie-laden meals.
The present study suggests a higher BMI has strong affects on death and has statistical significance among Sumo wrestlers by case-control study, though we could not find an optimal BMI cutoff point for the prediction of death.
The way he took on Koizumi was like watching a sumo bout between a newly promoted sumo wrestler in the top division and a veteran yokozuna.
The sumo wrestlers from Japan is the worst one - it's hardly scenic
WE beefed up our pounds 10 Comic Caption Competition last week with these Sumo wrestlers.
AL MICHAELS: "The only sure bet in wrestling is that two sumo wrestlers are going to roll with the paunches.
The Manchester United ace leads a team of football superstars against 11 sumo wrestlers in a hilarious new Pepsi ad.
Delicately hand-tinted prints show Japanese life in all its diversity, spectacle and vitality -- nuns, geishas, samurai, Sumo wrestlers, street performers, umbrella sellers, lantern makers, silk weavers, florists, fishermen and feudal lords are all captured in his enquiring gaze.
One of the more interesting recent examples is MarieAnge Guilleminot's Imitsu, in which the artist, seated on an extralong tatami, invites the audience to gaze into her womb, that is, a hole cut into her long elastic gown, through which can be glimpsed her video of sumo wrestlers in training.
As these plates grind slowly past, over, or under one another like a bunch of grunting Sumo wrestlers, the moving slabs sometimes "catch.