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F.W., 20th-century British surgeon. See: Sumner sign.
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In an interview, Sumner said that he had been to the diocese of Dallas many times over the years, "sometimes to preach, sometimes to recruit and to go to conferences," and that "it was the kind of place that I admire and felt an affinity to.
Sumner joined Lincoln Electric in 1987 as an engineering trainee in Machine R&D and has over twenty eight years of experience in product development, sales and marketing in both U.
Sumner and White were given W two years ve months and 20 two years ve months and 20 months respectively and Judge Niclas Parry slammed the pair Niclas Parry slammed the pair for "once again breaking into for "once again breaking into the homes of decent people".
Prior to joining IMI, Mr Sumner worked for KPMG in Birmingham for 12 years, most recently as corporate finance associate director, advising on company transactions including corporate and private disposals, buyside advice and refinancing.
The CCTV footage showed Mr Sumner wandering in the back lane of Hylton Road in Sunderland shortly after 7am the following morning.
Sumner, of Holbrook Close, St Helens, carried out his indecent activities - the majority of which took place in the bedroom of his flat - over a 21/2-year period.
A hit-and-run accident in 2004 left Sumner an above-the-knee amputee suffering from Phantom Limb Pain.
District Judge Tim Pattinson fined the hunt PS4,000, Sumner PS1,800 and Barnfield PS1,000.
Prof Sumner was brought in to head up the new organisation from the Barber Institute of Fine Arts where she had been director for five years.
Dr Sumner, co-author of a history of her town titled Beverley Through Time, said: "In the 1974 photo you can see the cobbler's, chemist's and grocer's that have all gone.
Mr Sumner was guest speaker at the Rotary Club's dinner at the George Hotel, Huddersfield, and received the award from president Ann Denham.
Fresh from a debut appearance at Britain's Glastonbury Festival, Coco Sumner, daughter of megastar Sting, is out to show she is more than just famous offspring as she embarks on her own pop career.