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A gene on chromosome 7p15.2 that encodes a sequence-specific DNA-binding transcription factor of a developmental regulatory system, which provides cells with specific positional identities on the anterior-posterior axis.

Molecular pathology
Expansion of a polyalanine tail in the HOXD13 protein is linked to hand-foot-uterus/genital syndrome.


salmon poisoning disease.
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What information must be contained in the Summary Plan Description (SPD)?
Summary plan description (SPD): Document developed by an employer or government entity that details an insurance plan's medical insurance benefits and coverage limitations.
You have the right to obtain, upon written request to the Plan Administrator at the above address, copies of documents governing the operation of the Plan, including insurance contracts, and copies of the latest annual report (Form 5500 series) and updated summary plan description.
This means that plans for retiree-only and active employees should maintain separate plan documents and summary plan description (SPD) materials, and that all administrative functions should be performed separately for each.
A 2002 Summary Plan Description explained how benefits would be calculated under the new plan and described the transition period.
At a minimum, practitioners should have a synopsis or copies of applicable cases with relevant sections highlighted, evidence supporting the discount rate used, a copy of the plan, the summary plan description, copies of all company-provided documents they relied on, life expectancy tables, mortality tables, correspondence and the valuation itself
a Plan document-including adoption agreement and prototype document-and summary plan description (SPD), both of which should reflect all legislative changes;
The BASE ERISA Wrap is designed to help employers fulfill the ERISA requirements for a Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Plan Document.
uA Plan sponsors must provide information about the Automatic IRA provider in a Summary Plan Description or a Summary of Material Modifications.
Each eligible participant should receive a summary plan description and an annual summary annual report.
This provision should be in both the plan and the summary plan description.

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