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The Birmingham, Alabama-based company also works with employers to produce ACA Summary of Benefits and Coverage notices; traditional Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for all benefit plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act; and many other types of employee communication materials.
a company that helps large employers with tasks such as meeting the federal requirements for preparing, and distributing, summary plan descriptions.
Ben has extensive experience drafting plan documents, amendments, fiduciary committee meeting minutes, summary plan descriptions and other participant communications.
What is required under ERISA is that a plan sponsor provide certain specified disclosures to participants, including participant statements, summary plan descriptions, fee disclosures, plan documents (upon request), etc.
Employers should: (1) assess the desire and/or feasibility of applying the Windsor decision for periods prior to June 26,2013; (2) determine whether the state of domicile or state of celebration rules will be used for the period between June 26,2013 and September 15, 2013; (3) work with payroll and plan vendors to make system adjustments; and (4) review retirement plan documents to determine whether summary plan descriptions and other materials need to be updated.
Amara and how ERISA summary plan descriptions have changed
Are Summary Plan Descriptions provided to plan participants?
The form is limited to four pages, a glossary of health care terms, and is ancillary to summary plan descriptions (SPDs).
The most recent summary plan descriptions (SPD) at both plants said that retiree medical coverage will "continue during retirement" or "continue during retirement until death.
Reviewing plan documents, summary plan descriptions, administrative procedures, and forms for clarity and consistency, as well as compliance with the applicable law and with the plan's terms
These include triggering obligations to file 5500 Forms, develop plan documents and summary plan descriptions, include HIPAA-COBRA and other required language where appropriate, and follow nondiscrimination rules.
He provides a compliance calendar and describes plans subject to ERISA, exemptions and electronic distribution, annual reports, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation reporting requirements, summary plan descriptions, material modifications, and pension and health plans.

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