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Marion B., U.S. dermatologist, 1895-1983. See: Bloch-Sulzberger disease, syndrome, Sulzberger-Garbe disease, Sulzberger-Garbe syndrome.
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That he was able to do this, and thereby preserve the journalistic heritage of a company acquired by his family in 1896, is owed wholly to an unfair capital structure in which the Sulzberger family owns the super-voting stock that controls the enterprise.
Thompson could potentially explore a digital acquisition that would help it expand on other platforms, but the digital environment is tricky and all moves would ultimately be approved by the Sulzberger family, the longtime stewards of the company.
Inside the museum, visitors are confronted with a dramatic 90-foot atrium that opens onto the Ochs Sulzberger Family Great Hall of News.
I asked him if he was from the Sulzberger family, and he said, "No, but you're not the first person to ask me that.
There's still a tremendous amount of respect and love for the Sulzberger family.
The cuts could foment unhappiness among members of the Sulzberger family, who are the controlling shareholders of the storied newspaper publisher.
history of the Sulzberger family, principal owners of The New York Times,
The Sulzberger family controls the Class B shares, which have the right to elect the other nine directors.
Under the two-tier system, the Sulzberger family owns 88 percent of the class B voting shares.
NEW YORK, May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The four senior members of the Sulzberger family announced today that they sold approximately one million shares of The New York Times Company Class A shares for general financial and estate planning purposes.
Kathryn McCarthy, Director of the Rockefeller Trust Company and former president of the Sulzberger Family Office and manager of the Sulzberger Foundation, will present "Competition and the Family Office" - exploring competition in the family office from the perspectives of wealth management and the family itself.
Sulzberger family members always tried to speak with one voice about their Times property, but the inevitable strains involved in any passing of institutional authority were intensified by the early 1990s business recession.