sulfurous acid

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sul·fu·rous ac·id

(sŭl'fŭ-rŭs as'id),
A solution of about 6% sulfur dioxide in water; used chiefly as a disinfectant and bleaching agent; has been used externally for its parasiticidal effect in various skin diseases.

sulfurous acid

/sul·fur·ous ac·id/ (sul´fūr-us)
1. a solution of sulfur dioxide in water, H2SO3; used as a reagent.

sulfurous acid (H2SO3)

a weak inorganic acid formed by dissolving sulfur dioxide in water, used as a chemical-reducing and bleaching agent. It has been used in medicine in skin lotions and nasal and throat sprays. Sulfites formed by the acid may be included in antiseptics, antifermentatives, and antizymotics. Sulfurous acid is stable only in aqueous solutions; it decomposes into sulfur dioxide and water on standing. It is a major component of acid rain.

sulfurous acid

H2SO3, an inorganic acid and a powerful chemical reducing agent used commercially, esp. for as a bleach.
CAS # 7782-99-2
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Sulphurous acid was tested with use of AOAC official Method 962.
The tests revealed that residues of sulphurous acid were nil in fruit slices and fruit juice, while it was 3.
Showers of plain water eliminated most of the soluble gases, including the arsenious acid gas, but it left untouched Vivian's 'great enemy' - the sulphurous acid gas.
A host of Llansamlet farmers and an experienced government metallurgist, Perceval Johnson, provided corroborating evidence, describing how sulphurous acid gas first discoloured plants, then destroyed them.