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The sulfur analog of a ketone, R'-SO-R".


The sulfur analogue of a ketone, R'-SO-Rd'.
Synonym(s): sulphoxide.


1. the divalent radical =SO.
2. an organic compound intermediate between a sulfide and a sulfone.
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All measurements were made in duterated chloroform and dimethyl sulfoxide.
Thus, new methods for obtaining optically active sulfoxides are required for the synthesis of enantiomerically enriched compounds.
Hence, an attempt has been made to prepare cyanate esters with sulfoxide linkage, which imparts flexibility to the polycyanurates.
Removal of sulfones and sulfoxides, created during oxidation, was carried out by extraction followed by adsorption with silica gel to reach sulfur content levels of 7.
2,3) The enzyme responsible for the S-oxidation of SCMC to SCMC sulfoxide has been reported to be phenylalanine hydroxylase.
dimethyl sulfoxide (11) and other sulfoxides (12), formamide (13), nonionic detergents (14), and compounds belonging to the family of compatible solutes, such as betaine (15-17).
Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexico) and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico) have patented a method of removing thiophenic and organosulfide compounds from a fossil fuel comprising the steps of contacting the fossil fuel with hemoproteins, which oxidize the sulfur containing compounds to sulfoxides and sulfones in a reaction system containing organic solvent or not, and followed by a distillation step in which sulfoxides and sulfones are removed from the fuel.
Onions mainly contain S-propenylcysteine sulfoxide (1), but also other sulfoxides, including S-propylcysteine sulfoxide and S-methylcysteine sulfoxide (2).
Recent studies in Rayner's group have involved the oxidation of organic sulfides to sulfoxides using a hydroperoxide catalyst in conjunction with a sulfonium ion exchange resin.

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