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The sulfur analog of a ketone, R'-SO-R".


The sulfur analogue of a ketone, R'-SO-Rd'.
Synonym(s): sulphoxide.


1. the divalent radical =SO.
2. an organic compound intermediate between a sulfide and a sulfone.
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Synthesis of Bisphenols Containing Sulfoxide Linkage
The pure dihydroxy phenyl sulfoxide was obtained as resinous mass (13), (14) (yield: 90%).
The novelty of the process is that sulfoxides and sulfones are more easily converted to hydrogen sulfide than thiophene derivates.
As a result, the production of sulfoxide metabolites is reduced (by 54.
These seemingly insignificant observations are actually vital because recent work indicates that SCMC functions as a free radical scavenger (7) and that, in this respect, the sulfide (parent compound) is the active species and the sulfoxide metabolites (already oxidized) are inactive.
Treatment with the DAS metabolites diallyl sulfoxide (DASO) and diallylsulfone (DAS[O.
New classes of ketones containing sulfides, sulfoxides, sulfones, and appropriate substituted usual ketones have been designed to meet these requirements.
nature of the lowest lying triplet state are unaffected by the presence of the sulfonyl, sulfoxide, oxysulfonyl groups.

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