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Medspeak A term borrowed from sports for the part of a device, manoeuvre or other system which is most effective in producing a desired effect
Sports medicine The part of a bat, golf club, tennis racquet, etc., which is most effective when striking a ball
Vox populi An optimal point—e.g., for pricing an item or ensuring the maximum effect of a therapy by optimal dosing, timing of ingestion, etc.
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Netscape SuiteSpot bundled on the WebFORCE Origin server provides our customers with an integrated, high-performance platform to increase the overall functionality of their Web sites.
Netscape SuiteSpot server software enables us to offer fast and reliable access to a wide variety of personalized business-critical services and information to thousands of Nu Skin distributors around the world," said Monique Fraser, manager of global web services at Nu Skin International.
The flexibility that comes with open standards and cross-platform products opens many doors, and we are pleased with the scaleable performance of Netscape SuiteSpot server software which will help make it possible to service more than a million Internet users," said Wouter Nieuwenhuizen, technical director responsible for messaging system implementation at World Access Planet Internet, a leading Internet Service Provider in the Netherlands.
Unveiled today as part of an aggressive worldwide marketing campaign, the new products and services include a new investment protection program for users of Netscape Communicator, new reduced pricing on Netscape's retail and enterprise client products, new Netscape SuiteSpot server software upgrades featuring Netscape client software, enhanced subscription and support packages, and a new Premium Services program on the Netscape Netcenter online service.
Having already distinguished itself as a leader in delivering broadband Internet service using Netscape Communicator and Netscape SuiteSpot, Work is moving rapidly to use the Netscape CommerceXpert family of solutions to offer business customers the industry's first end-to-end ecommerce solution.
Netscape Directory Server is currently available as part of Netscape SuiteSpot Standard Edition and Netscape SuiteSpot Professional Edition.
Nasdaq: NOVL), announced that the Netscape SuiteSpot Servers for NetWare developed by Novonyx will enter open beta on November 26 and will be available for all customers to download at http://www.
Novonyx will offer all Netscape SuiteSpot Servers by year-end 1998.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- As its Netscape(R) Enterprise Server for NetWare(R), Netscape Messaging Server for NetWare and NetScape FastTrack for NetWare shipped to customers for beta testing, Novonyx today announced its plans to ship the complete set of Netscape SuiteSpot intranet servers for the NetWare platform by year-end 1998.
Netscape, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Certificate Server, Netscape FastTrack, Netscape ONE, SuiteSpot and the Netscape N and Ship's Wheel logos are registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation in the United States and other countries.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Netscape Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: NSCP) today announced that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is using Netscape(R) SuiteSpot Server software to build a broad Extranet that will enable security professionals across the country to communicate and collaborate about national security related topics and take advantage of standards-based applications.
Netscape, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Certificate Server, Netscape FastTrack Server, Netscape ONE, SuiteSpot and the Netscape N and Ship's Wheel logos are registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corp.