Suitcase Nuke

A tactical nuclear weapon small enough to pack in a suitcase
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That was the prompt for a Department of Homeland Security memo that became public in April, exploring the question of whether the prescription painkiller should be treated like the functional equivalent of a suitcase nuke "when certain criteria are met." What seems absurd--powerful black-market fentanyl has been blamed for a spike in overdose deaths, but it's not exactly sarin gas--actually hews to a perverse bureaucratic logic.
Meanwhile Sgt Blackburn is desperately trying to catch up with PLR leader Solomon before he detonates the third suitcase nuke in New York City.
The violation was discovered and treated by the prosecution as if it had been a suitcase nuke. I was called in as an expert witness for the defense team.
If you were a terrorist trying to smuggle, say, a suitcase nuke, would you carry it on a plane--a boat?
Arms-control specialist Charles Thornton of the Center for International and Security Studies says the suitcase nuke scenario is "so highly unlikely as to be approaching fantasy." What the evil ones would most probably do if they got their hands on Pakistani nukes is die of radiation sickness.
There's been a lot written about whether there is something as a suitcase nuke. There may be something as small as a U-Haul truck nuke, but you are talking about something that's a little bit bigger than a suitcase.
But the closest thing to a breakout work of pop culture is Steve Alten's The Shell Game, a Clancyesque thriller in which neocons try to best their 9/11 scheme by detonating a suitcase nuke in Los Angeles and pinning the blame on Iran.
Voters who prized their persona/liberty more than they feared the threat of a suitcase nuke in Nashua liked what Paul had to say.
If Osama bin Laden detonates a suitcase nuke in Los Angeles, all bets are off, of course.
THIS is the suitcase nuke in Bin Laden's deadly arsenal.
A suitcase nuke? Now, in the wake of those endless TV reruns of the twin towers collapsing, the very phrase makes me shiver.
Kane and his team track two suitcase nukes that have been smuggled into the country -- and Kane thinks the Ghost is working to buy them.