Suicide by Cop

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A popular term for the intentional use by an individual of threatening behaviour toward law enforcement officers, such that they kill the individual in what they believe is self-defence
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Furthermore, the suicide could be a "suicide-by-cop" incident.
They said: "There's every likelihood this is suicide-by-cop. It's a police officer's worst nightmare."
Checklists relate to the crime scene, the patrol officer's duties, preliminary investigation at the scene, the duties of the detective supervisor, specific investigative duties, and investigation of suicide, suicide-by-cop, final exit suicides, autoerotic fatalities, fatal fires, sudden infant death syndrome, Munchausen syndrome by proxy, police-related shootings, and officer-involved shootings and use of deadly force, and include protocols for videotaping and the documentation of crime scene photos, a sex-related crime scene checklist, a death notification checklist, medicolegal considerations, and a checklist for examination of the body at the scene, with illustrations, references, and diagrams.
This often is carried out in a manner known as suicide-by-cop. This is murder-suicide in the sense that the individual gets himself or herself killed by a third party on purpose as a form of suicide.
(2) The findings revealed that suicide-by-cop incidents accounted for 11 percent of all deputy-involved shootings and 13 percent of all deputy-involved justifiable homicides.
Hubbs says that attempted "suicide-by-cop"--when a distraught person who is unable or unwilling to pull the trigger tries to provoke the police into delivering the fatal blow--vastly outnumbers all other types of incidents in which sublethal weapons are used.
This type of suicide is referred to as "suicide by cop." In suicide-by-cop cases, the police become the instrument of death.
He had an extensive history of domestic violence and exhibited suicide and suicide-by-cop behavior.
Suicide-by-cop is common in the US in which a person deliberately acts in a threatening way to provoke a lethal response from police who are trained to kill rather than inflict a less serious wound.
Suicide-by-cop does not only apply to civilian personnel.
Dealing with older persons in hostage or barricade situations who see no alternative to their pain and loneliness other than by killing themselves or prompting a suicide-by-cop incident represents a truly difficult task for officers and even for highly skilled negotiators.