Suicide by Cop

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A popular term for the intentional use by an individual of threatening behaviour toward law enforcement officers, such that they kill the individual in what they believe is self-defence
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A KNIFEMAN arrested outside Parliament said he was attempting "suicide by police", a court heard.
Of special interest is a section on cultural scripts for suicide: Russian roulette and duels, death by seppuku, self-immolation as protest, victim-precipitated homicide, sati, suicide by police, and suicide as liberation of the soul.
Was it suicide by police? We all want to know what happened there.
Violanti (social and preventative medicine, State University of New York-Buffalo) and Drylie (criminal justice, Kean University) review research on suicide by police, or "copicide," analyze the perpetrator's background motivation in specific cases, and outline a typology for copicide as a distinct phenomenon.
The death was first ruled a suicide by police in London, but Calvi's family pressed for further investigation and eventually Italian prosecutors brought murder charges against the five defendants.
Robert Ehrlich believes that deterrence is ineffective for mass murderers because "these psychos" would "relish the idea of going out in a blaze of glory." He cites the prevalence of "suicide by police" to bolster his contention.