Suicide by Cop

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A popular term for the intentional use by an individual of threatening behaviour toward law enforcement officers, such that they kill the individual in what they believe is self-defence
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Suicide by cop among officer-involved shooting cases.
Suicide by cop (SBC) describes an incident where a suicidal individual provokes law enforcement officers to kill him.
They discuss the psychological aftermath of officers involved in suicide by cop shootings, and also present a theoretical concept of "suicide by suspect," referring to a police officer who intentionally puts himself in harm's way in order to die.
The study points to the need for nationally accepted definitions and reporting procedures regarding the phenomenon of suicide by cop and includes recommended guidelines.
The report concluded that suicide by cop constitutes an actual form of suicide and defined it as "an incident where a suicidal individual intentionally engages in life-threatening and criminal behavior with a lethal weapon or what appears to be a lethal weapon toward law enforcement officers or civilians specifically to provoke officers to shoot the suicidal individual in self-defense or to protect civilians.
In some cases, people apparently committing suicide by cop have left notes explaining their actions.
A crisis played out as a hostage/ barricade incident or suicide by cop constitutes a desperate act--an attempt at problem solving, however misdirected and unconstructive.
Instances involving suicide by cop are becoming recognized as a large contributor to postshooting stress for officers.
A source said: "This is shaping up to be a classic suicide by cop.
Although the term suicide by cop has been discussed in social-science literature,(1) in police training material, and in newspaper accounts of fatal shootings by police, much remains to be learned.
He was encouraging the deputies to come closer," Hasselman said, later adding, "His actions appear to be what is known as suicide by cop.