Human Wave Attack

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A military tactic in which a broad front of foot soldiers many men deep runs towards enemy lines in an attempt to overwhelm the opposing army’s position by sheer numbers. Casualties, especially when the attacking wave is facing machine guns and cannons, are extremely high. 20,000 British soldiers lost their lives in World War I on the first day of the battle of Somme and another 40,000 were wounded using the human wave strategy
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On Jan 9, four Balochistan Constabulary personnel were among six killed in a suicide attack near the Balochistan Assembly.
Talking to a private news channel, CTD officer Omar Khattab said that the case is unique as unlike all suicide attacks, the attacker's body is still in one piece and fell far away from Rao Anwar's armoured vehicle.
During her questioning, she admitted that her husband promised her she would go to Heaven if she carried out her suicide attack successfully.
Indeed, according to the testimony of a 12-year-old child who was recently recruited to carry out a suicide attack in a camp near Peshawar but surrendered himself to the security forces of Afghanistan, there are many children trained by their handlers who promise them "that they will go to heaven and be freed from all their problems by carrying out a suicide attack".
Abu Abdul Rahman Jobas, Mohammad al-Mohammad and Ahmad al-Sharif were among Ahrar al-Sham leaders who were killed in the ISIL's suicide attack in Idlib countryside.
The suspected militant was allegedly preparing to carry out a suicide attack at a foreign mission in Turkey.
In the second suicide attack that shocked Nijrab district in Kapisa province, some 65 km north of Kabul on Wednesday four civilians sustained injuries while the bomber died in his bombing, a member of Provincial Council Najibullah Rahimi asserted.
The three conducted a series of experiments on people of various faiths in an investigation into the relationship between religion and support for acts of "parochial altruism"--including suicide attacks.
Whereas Aabpara suicide attack accused Imdad Hussain, Tehsinullah, Faisal, Mushtaq have also been acquitted due to the absence of proof.
Byline: 49 people have been killed in a suicide attack in northwestern Pakistan.
Two people were killed and three wounded in a suicide attack near the Afghan parliament in Kabul on Sunday, an official said.
A KUWAITI who was imprisoned in Guantanamo for more than three and a half years carried out a recent suicide attack in Iraq.