Suicide Bomber

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A person who uses his own body to deliver explosives, knowing that he/she will die in the explosion
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So the first hypothesis is to test whether the suicide terrorist is actually the ultimate smart bomb.
This survey examines all the available open-source information from the suicide terrorist groups themselves.
Should this new strategy be implemented, the author contends, it would be not only difficult for suicide terrorists to carry out campaigns against the United States, but also 'make it harder to explain to Muslims why they should attack America at all'.
A suicide terrorist had blown his vehicle while he was in it near an army check-point in Arsal on Saturday, killing three soldiers and injuring four others.
The car, which exploded by the police station in Chechnya's Sunzha region, was driven by a suicide terrorist, press service of the republic's police added.
The Hamas children's website published a story called "A Palestinian Girl's Heroism", describing how a young girl calmly plans and carries out a suicide terrorist attack.
His analysis of over 500 "suicide" or "martyrdom" attacks around the world since 1980 allowed him to observe that "what over 95 percent of all suicide terrorist attacks, around the world since 1980, have in common -- from Lebanon, to Chechnya, to Sri Lanka, to Kashmir, to the West Bank -- is not religion, but a specific strategic goal: to compel a modern democracy to withdraw combat forces from territory the terrorists view is their homeland, or prize greatly.
In southern Afghanistan, a deputy provincial governor was killed in a suicide terrorist attack.
44% of Christians but only 28% of Muslims say suicide terrorist attacks are never justified, while 80% of Christians but only half of Muslims are favorable to the U.
A year on from the suicide terrorist carnage, she was going through the emotional turmoil after traveling from her home in Longbenton in North Tyneside to meet others to observe a two minute silence in the capital.
Nine international disputes--the presence of American and French forces in Lebanon, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, the status of the Tamil regions of Sri Lanka, the status of the Kurdish region of Turkey, the Russian occupation of Chechnya, the Indian occupation of Kashmir, the Indian control of Punjab, and the presence of American forces in Iraq and in the Arabian Peninsula--account for 95 percent of the suicide terrorist attacks during this period.
In the most comprehensive study yet of suicide terrorist attacks during 1980-2004, Robert Pape found that 95 percent of them were targeted at what the terrorists considered foreign occupation of their or their allies' homelands.