Suicide Terrorism

Suicide for a perceived greater cause, in which a person kills himself/herself—and many others—to advance a particular political or religious agenda
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Patel's presentation resulted in a robust engagement between the panelists and audiences regarding the impact of neuroscience on female suicide terrorism.
Some specific topics considered are violence perpetrated by child soldiers, using psychology to sabotage social bonds in terrorist organizations, and psychological aspects of suicide terrorism.
This claim is open to questioning, as the author fails to distinguish between political assassinations, mass shootings, and suicide terrorism.
Nazi Germany and that of non-state actors such as the LTTE who went to the extent of using suicide terrorism but as he sees, in both of these reason and rationality have played a role.
Pape, international security expert, in his 2003 study of suicide terrorism found that only one out of the 11 major terrorist organizations he studied actually ceased its activity due to the death of its leadership.
Tenders are invited for A requirement for a training provider for suicide terrorism training courses.
Violence associated with Islam cannot be the reason for there are violent groups such as Buddhists or as Robert Pape has shown that "there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world's religions.
While analyzing these statements, it appears that the connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism is deceptive and that the main aim of suicide terror is to force modern nation states to withdraw forces from illegally occupied lands.
The current study was conducted to study the causes of suicide terrorism in Pakistan.
In 2005, Robert Pape published a seminal book, Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism, which argued against the backdrop of 9/11's aftermath that it was grievance--specifically, occupation and the quartering of troops among resentful populations--and not religion that primarily motivated terrorism.
It is reported that a young woman was coerced and blackmailed into suicide terrorism after she became involved in an illicit affair (Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs, 2002a).
AL-MUSTAQBAL: Hariri meets Sisi, denounces suburbs twin blasts: unified position in face of strife Suicide terrorism targets interests of Iran .