Suicide Pact

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An agreement to complete suicide by two or more individuals
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LESLEY AND TREVOR FOUND SEPARATELY HOWELL had planned his victims would be found in the same car so people would presume they had executed a joint suicide pact. Experts say they should have been in the front seats side-by-side if the pact had been real.
It is the second suicide pact in the past six months in the UAE.
A Humberside Police spokesman said: "At the moment it is far too early to speculate on the possibility of a suicide pact.
Police thought they had died in some sort of suicide pact because of the distress of their spouses' affair.
Our investigation comes days after two women killed themselves in an apparent suicide pact in Putney, South-West London.
PROBE: Police and fire officers at scene ALERT: Sign on the car window DEVASTATING: Joanne Lee, left, whose body was found in a car, above, with Stephen Lumb after what is believed to be a suicide pact. Both families have spoken of their shock
TWO strangers are thought to have gassed themselves after meeting on a suicide pact website, The People can reveal.
Working on wood panels with a mixture of water-based oil, gouache, and acrylic--sometimes adulterated with glitter and tiny stones--Bas depicts a couple in a graveyard preparing to carry out a suicide pact (The Lovers of Lyons) (all works 2004); what might be the aftermath of a double murder (The Kept Boy); and a bunker or mine filled with fencers (For You It Has Come to This).
An investigation was launched after two prisoners sharing a cell died in an apparent suicide pact yesterday.
A doting couple of 88 and 83 were found dead after an apparent double suicide pact.
Boylan said it was likely the 11 involved in the suicide pact would ''probably either drink poison, take sleeping pills, jump onto razor wire, slit their wrists or hang themselves.''
A couple drowned Monday in an apparent suicide pact after their car fell from a cliff into the sea in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan, police said.