Suicide Magnet

A place or fixed structure where suicide has been successful in the past, which thus becomes a popular place for suicide attempts
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Various studies have found subsequent increases or no changes (12,14) in suicide deaths from other bridges or tall buildings in the vicinity after the installation of suicide barriers on a "suicide magnet." Many of the studies failed to find any impact on overall suicide rates in the regions investigated.
Extrapolating from the success of barriers built on other bridges that were "suicide magnets," we should be able to assure people that suicide deaths from the Golden Gate will dramatically decrease, and perhaps cease completely.
Parker also re-created, in slightly different scales and arrangements, two recent site-specific hanging sculptures: A Side of England, 1999, a suspended composition of chunks of white chalk retrieved from a cliff at Beachy Head, an infamous British suicide magnet; and Hanging Fire (suspected arson), 1999/2000, which comprises dangling charcoal fragments from the burned remains of a London factory in a stylized bonfire shape.