Suicide Magnet

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A place or fixed structure where suicide has been successful in the past, which thus becomes a popular place for suicide attempts
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The second half is a personally and politically motivated tract about getting a suicidal barrier implemented on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the number one suicide landmark in the world.
My feeling is that conflating suicide with the "right to die" argument [is misguided]--if you have terminal cancer and you want to save up your meds and kill yourself, that's one thing, but for a public structure to have a 4-foot-high railing and be known as a suicide landmark ...
Then, after a brief excerpt from poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti's performance of his "The Changing Light," pic evolves into a concise history of the Golden Gate Bridge's status as the world's leading suicide landmark. The Olson/Dodge text has the purplish, overwritten quality of a first year writing student's exercises, but pic's investigation into the bridge's tainted iconography is lucid and precise.