Suicide Incidence

The number of completed suicides in a given place during a specific time period
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He said the composite examination system would increase the exam failure rates and thus, increasing suicide incidence among students and that that system shouldn't be introduced.
The government has a"suicide incidence reporting system," which shows that suicides are mainly caused by depression or other mental illnesses.
Surprisingly, given the amount of media exposure devoted to it, the United States ranks 48 in this same global survey of suicide incidence. But American health authorities are still sounding the alarm since death by suicide is fast rising among the major causes of death there.
Northern Ireland the highest male suicide incidence in the UK.
Northern Ireland has the highest male suicide incidence rate in the UK.
In order to reduce suicide incidence, we need public health approach, early recognition and treatment of mental disorders, restrict access to common means of suicide, positive use of media and de-criminalize suicide so that these people can seek help and medical treatment.
An official order issued from the directorate general of health on Wednesday said that consequent upon several suicidal deaths in Chitral district, a committee had been formed to see the main factors involved in the suicide incidence and conduct psychotherapy of those with suicidal tendency and submit a report as soon as possible.
Though there are many reasons for the increase in suicide incidence, there are factors that are still within parental control.
MARITAL DISPUTES"We are worried about loss of lives through increased number of suicide incidences in the county," said Mr Tum.He noted that the police record about four cases of suicide each week.