Suicide Bombing

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A bomb attack on people or property, delivered by a person who knows the explosion will cause his/her own death
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'The definition of a suicide bombing is the bomb is strapped into the bomber who detonates it himself,' Sobejana said.
'Yung sa Egyptian [couple] hindi pa confirmed yan although yes, with the past incidents merong naging foreign nationals na-involve sa suicide bombings,' Albayalde told reporters in Camp Alagar, Cagayan de Oro on Wednesday.
The terrorist's bike after the suicide bombing - Press photo The terrorist appears in security footage riding his bike - Photo via Ministry of Interior According to a statement issued by Egypt's Ministry of Interior, Attorney General, Nabil Sadek, ordered to launch an investigation into the suicide bombing that took place near Al-Azhar mosque.
Edgard Arevalo, said as of this time they still don't have conclusive findings that the blast was a case of suicide bombing.
President Ashraf Ghani in a statement condemned suicide bombing on Khwaja Hassan Mosque in Gardez City, calling it inhuman.
They had planned on carrying out a suicide bombing of their own during a guard-changing ceremony at the presidential palace.
According an official Ayaz Khan of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Malakand Range, the CTD police party in an operation carried out arrested an alleged terrorist involved in a deadly suicide bombing.
Islamic State, which claimed responsibility in an online statement, also claimed a suicide bombing last Friday that killed 26 people at an amateur soccer game in Iskandariya, south of Baghdad.
Another suicide bombing in Suruc killed 32 youth activists in July.
09 (Saba) - At least 66 people were killed on Thursday in a suicide bombing in the capital Sana'a and a car bomb attack on an army checkpoint in eastern Hadramout governorate.
Few Muslims in most of the countries surveyed say that suicide bombing can often or sometimes be justified against civilian targets in order to defend Islam from its enemies.
The information is contained in legal documents submitted by the US government in a trial at Guantanamo Bay, where Al Nashiri is accused of planning the suicide bombing of the USS Cole (pictured) off the coast of Yemen in 2000, in which 17 US servicemen were killed and nearly 40 injured.