Suicide Bomber

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A person who uses his own body to deliver explosives, knowing that he/she will die in the explosion
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According to details, a successful intelligence based operation was conducted in Bajaur to track two suicide bombers entering from Afghanistan through Kagha pass in Bajaur Agency.
The successful Intelligence based operation (IBO), was conducted in Bajaur to track down two suicide bombers entering from Afghanistan through Kagha pass in Bajaur Agency.
reports regarding entrance of suicide bombers in the area were received some
According to the earlier investigations, one of the two suicide bombers provided by Baitullah was identified as Bilal who blew himself at Liaquat Bagh resulting in Shahadat of BB.
The attack bears the hallmarks of Boko Haram, a jihadist group which frequently uses suicide bombers, often women and girls, to attack crowded public spaces such as mosques and markets.
The Inspector Police Balochistan, Moazzam Jah Ansari confirmed that around 400 people including women and Children were present inside the Church when of the suicide bomber carried out attack.
However, the chairman of the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, Satomi Ahmed, told journalists that two people were killed including the suicide bomber.
Danish further added that two of the suicide bombers were killed during the initial minutes of the attack while one of them is still resisting the security forces.
This statement came within the ministry's work in inspecting and unloading the surveillance cameras at the site of the two incidents, gathering relevant information, tracing the trajectories of the two suicide bombers, and tracking the fugitives to examine their link to the two incidents.
The suicide bomber has revealed that his father Rahim Gul was killed in a drone attack in Afghanistan and had also resided in Karachi's Ittehad Town.
On March 14, the Turkish newspaper Sozcu revealed the name of a female suicide bomber, who may be involved in the Ankara blast.
BEIRUT: A suicide bomber blew up his vehicle outside a cafe near a Lebanese Army checkpoint in Beirut late Monday, wounding 12 people, security sources said.