M., 20th-century Japanese surgeon. See: Sugiura procedure.
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Research led by Dr Yoshinori Sugiura, from the department of behavioural sciences at Hiroshima University, Japan, reported: "People with OCD [are] tortured by repeatedly occurring negative thinking and they need some strategy to prevent it."
The orchestra will be conducted by Shinya Sugiura, the music director is Kyoko Matsuura.
[Patients] worry about everything," said Yoshinori Sugiura, lead author of the study.
Sugiura and Yamazaki (2009) constructed a brief conceptual review of these guilds with an emphasis on Coleopteran and Lepidopteran cecidophages.
Kanematsu Sugiura, a retired research scientist, to study laetrile.
[5.] Nishio N, Teranishi M, Uchida Y, Sugiura S, Ando F, Shimokata H, Sone M, Otake H, Kato K, Yoshida T, Tagaya M, Hibi T, Nakashima T.
JWPL representative Aya Sugiura said the three were recruited not only because of their skills but also because of their desire to help other female players in Taiwan.
There's a new okonomiyaki joint in town, and fortunately manager Yoshihiko Sugiura was on hand yesterday to explain what exactly that means.
JAPAN 85 - Sugiura 22, Vendrame 12, Hiraiwa 12, Hara 12, Ando 11, Nomoto 9, Tawatari 5, Ikuhara 2, Sato 0, Taichi 0.
Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) assistant manager, product planning group Masayuki Sugiura gave a briefing on the car.
Kanematsu Sugiura, who was deemed a "Living National Treasure" for his medical body of work.