M., 20th-century Japanese surgeon. See: Sugiura procedure.
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Kanematsu Sugiura, DSc, of Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York, experimented with calorie-restricted diets in the 1920s.
Eastspring, the Asia asset-management arm of UK-based Prudential plc, seeks to beat major market indices by finding "shares that are quite undervalued as a result of investors' bias toward fear or pessimism," Chief operating officer Shingo Sugiura told Reuters in an interview.
Sugiura explained in an interview with Moss how his laetrile experiments were working at the time.
Step-by-step instructions for beginners provide the basics of sewing even as they cover appealing projects, while lovely photos by Yuki Sugiura help beginners envision the fruits of their labors.
Lovely photos by Yuki Sugiura rounds out the effort, making this a 'must' for bare-bones beginners new to crochet who want both techniques and home-oriented projects.
For navigation control, the voice recognition technology uses "data stored on board, as well as up-to-date cloud-stored destinations data covering about 10 million locations," Hiroaki Sugiura, general manager of Mitsubishi's design department, said.
The vehicle's design evolved from the EV Ster electric car that was unveiled at the previous show two years ago, and which was designed by Ryo Sugiura.
The abolition of the death penalty would be a step toward becoming a "mature democratic nation," former Justice Minister Seiken Sugiura said at a recent public gathering in Tokyo.
Other recent hires include Yuji Sugiura as head of Japan equities, and Andrew Suh as head of derivative sales Korea.
The shooter was identified as Yasuhisa Sugiura, 49, an Osaka city government employee.