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A product so labeled contains, by F.D.A. order, no more than 0.5 g of sugar per serving.
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Other products that may contain xylitol include: sugar-free chewing gum; breath mints; baked goods; some peanut and nut butters, sugar-free desserts; cough syrup; children's and adult chewable vitamins; mouthwash; toothpaste; over-the-counter medicines, and dietary supplements.
FDA stated that it received several reports of dogs being poisoned after eating sugar-free gum.  But the agency revealed that this sugar substitute can be found in many other consumer products or food items, including toothpaste, baked goods, sugar-free candy, sugar-free ice cream, breath mints, cough syrup and some nut and peanut butters.
Instead, your sugar-free ice cream will contain artificial sweeteners."
In the candy category, for example, a number of leading suppliers have introduced items that are sugar-free and, more importantly, tasty.
As previously stated, if sugar-free products contain acidic additives, these acidulants will deliver the acid directly to the enamel just like the acids made by the germs fermenting the regular sugar.
Sugar-free gums produced by Trident, Orbit and Ice Breakers contain xylitol.
Merchandising oral care products with sugar-free gum, Sherman says, helps drive sugar-free gum sales.
THIS week's cheat treat will help stave off those sugar cravings especially if you are going to join me in the sugar-free challenge below.
SUGAR-FREE: Werther's Original Sugar-Free Chewy Toffees, PS1.39, Asda
Researchers who analyzed the effect of sugar-free drinks on tooth enamel found that acidic drinks damaged teeth as much as drinks that contained sugar.
Carbohydrate polymers consisting of inulin and polydextrose have, in recent times, formed the basic ingredients in the manufacture of many sugar-free products.
Sensationally Sugar Free: Delicious Sugar-Free Recipes for Healthier Eating Every Day packs in over a hundred recipes that offer alternatives to refined sugar, and shows how to adjust traditional sugar dishes into desserts that are sweet and better for you.