sugar acids

sug·ar ac·ids

(shu'găr as'idz),
Acids, such as gluconic, glycuronic, and saccharic acid, produced by the oxidation of glucose.
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The present study examines the suitability of chelating agents for treating heavy metals in compost, as these reflect the successful application of sugar acids and hydrolysates with sugar acid contents for the decontamination of heavy metal-loaded soils and waste incineration residues (Bipp et al.
Therefore, the leaching activity of molasses hydrolysate is based on sugar acids rather than on nitric acid.
Natural chelating agents such as sugar acids and hydroxycarboxylic acids can meet such a need.
The company has recently launched products such as a toothpaste that promises to reduce harmful sugar acids in plaque before they attack the tooth enamel.
Low level of phosphate favors citric acid production, however, the presence of excess phosphate has been shown to lead to the formation of certain sugar acids, decrease in the formation of carbon dioxide and the stimulation of growth [12].
The sugar acids and their salts resemble the sugar in that they form soluble complex compounds with numerous substances.
The metabolism of microbes is modified so that they will convert plant biomass sugars into sugar acids and their derivatives.
By modifying sugar acids, it is also possible to produce compounds that may replace oil-based aromatic acids in the manufacture of thermosetting plastics and textiles.
Sugar acid neutralizers are part of this trend, reflecting consumers' growing awareness of the impact their dietary choices can have on the health of their teeth.
Colgate is directly targeting the causes of tooth decay with its Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser oral care range.