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Brian F., 20th-century British cardiologist. See: Robinson index.
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Sports figures like Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson have also all been instrumental in establishing that trend.
Reviewed by Herb Boyd Herb Boyd is the other of Pound for Pound: Biography of Sugar Ray Robinson (Amistad/HarperCollins, February 2005).
JAKE LAMOTTA, old-time boxer who was the inspiration for the movie Raging Bull: "The greatest fear I had fighting Sugar Ray Robinson so many times (five) was that I'd wind up diabetic.
The smiling visage of boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson stares from several portraits in the well-appointed room, proof positive that neither divorce nor death has broken the bond that once linked the former welterweight and five-time middleweight champion to this woman, the second of his three wives.
Since the DVD features the three Sullivan shows in their entirety, there are other historic variety show appearances by guests such as Carol Burnett, novelty artist SeEor Wences, various Broadway stars, athletes such as boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, tennis great Don Budge, baseball legend Jackie Robinson and numerous comedians.
LaMotta, nicknamed the Bronx Bull during his fight career, was best known for his bouts with Sugar Ray Robinson.
Smith, Mayweather said that no one is better me, not even former champions Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.
Sports psychologist Prof Hughes, whose book is out this month has previously written biographies of boxers Sugar Ray Robinson, Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler.
BORN BING Crosby, US singer, 1903, above SUGAR Ray Robinson, US boxer, 1921 JAMES Brown, US soul singer, 1933 DIED BARBARA Castle, politician, 2002, above THOMAS Hood, English poet, 1845 HENRY Garnett, gunpowder plot, 1606