Sugar Coating

Neuropathology A descriptor for gray-pink plaque-like elevations of the cerebellar folia, a finding typical of medulloblastoma
Vox populi A metaphorical adjective referring to making an unpleasant thing more palatable
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Mr Robinson is not sugar coating his thoughts on cake-gate - so why should we put up with it on anything else?
Designed for use with aqueous, organic solvent or sugar coating media, optional control and cleaning systems provide a comprehensive solution for tablet coating.
One way bacteria evade the body's immune system is by wrapping themselves in a sugar coating called a polysaccharide capsule.
The return of the sugar coating heralds an interesting digression from the rest of Endlessly.
The same drugs might be able to control infectious bugs, which also need a sugar coating.
Haribo has put a secret sour into its latest tasty offering, Sour Strawbs, removing the traditional sugar coating and putting the sour into the sweet.
IF YOU like your crime dramas without a sugar coating, but crammed to the rafters with twisty plots, brilliant acting and believable characters (who don't feel the need to explain what's going on every five minutes), then you'll be one of the millions counting down the minutes until this sublime series hits our screens again.
How about sugar coating the story until it falls into the politically correct category so it won't influence impressionable boys in a negative manner?
Spokeswoman Kirstie Pace said: "Some medicines may have to have a sugar coating to mask the very bitter taste of the active ingredient.
Nonetheless, his writing is honest, close to the bone, upsetting and thought provoking, without the usual polite sugar coating we often use in discussing racism in America.
The author rejects the model of literature as a schoolmistress dispensing moral lessons with sugar coating.