sufficient cause

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suf·fi·cient cause

an etiologic factor that guarantees that a result in question will occur; nonoccurrence of the result is proof that the factor is not operating.


in diseases, an agent, event, condition or characteristic which plays an essential role in producing an occurrence of the disease. Because there is nowadays much less certainty about what actually establishes a disease state it is becoming more common to use terms such as disease determinants, causal association, causal relationship. koch's postulates are no longer the sole criterion used in establishing causality.

constitutional cause
an inherent characteristic of the patient. Usually a systemic defect, e.g. protoporphyria.
direct cause
there must be no known variable intervening between the suspect factor and the disease.
endogenous cause
the cause comes from within the patient. See also constitutional cause (above).
exogenous cause
the cause comes from outside the patient, e.g. a virus infection.
indirect cause
all causes other than the direct cause (see above).
host cause
see endogenous cause (above).
necessary cause
a factor which must be present to produce disease; the disease does not occur unless the factor was or is present.
precipitating cause
the trigger mechanism that initiates the commencement of the disease state.
predisposing cause
a mechanism that makes a patient more susceptible to the precipitating cause.
primary cause
the principal factor in causing the disease.
secondary cause
a factor that assists the primary cause. A cause of secondary importance.
specific cause
the single cause in a single cause-single disease relationship.
sufficient cause
a minimal set of conditions and events which inevitably produce disease.
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He could not show sufficient cause why [the] penalty should not be paid, as the accused Muhammad Ishaq Dar has not been appearing before the court.
You might think: this looks like ITU had sufficient cause.
What might be the sufficient cause for economic "transformation" is still unclear, and it will take some time for Sudanese to find their way.
As the report points out, even the excesses of a few protesters or agents provocateurs, who may have used violence, are not considered sufficient cause for the kind of response unleashed against the demonstrations.
As required under the Act, the matter came up before a statutory committee for adjudicating whether or not there is sufficient cause for declaring the LTTE as a banned outfit.
You have further failed to show any sufficient cause with regard to the allegations made by you against the Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha," the letter added.
PARIS, May 21 (KUNA) -- France confirmed on Tuesday that a European Union procedure was underway to determine if there was sufficient cause to list the Hezbollah organisation, or part of it, as "a terrorist" entity.
The Commission was due to respond within two months to Ryanair's complaint about this aid - if only to inform Ryanair that there was no sufficient cause to rule on the matter or adopt a decision.
The Evelyns' marriage would "be dissolved" on the grounds of adultery "unless sufficient cause can be shown to the Court why this decree should not be made absolute within Six Months.
The director of rugby has sufficient cause for concern despite his side's two away games both producing the full quota of points - not least on the injury front where Chris Pilgrim (knee), Will Welch (head) and Ryan Shortland (hamstring) all departed prematurely.
Fidel Castro turned 86 on Monday, but even his birthday was not sufficient cause to bring the former Cuban leader out of hiding.
If Assange's life is at risk, that is sufficient cause to approve his asylum," The Herald Sun quoted Correa, as saying.