Paul H.M., German surgeon, 1866-1938. See: Sudeck atrophy, Sudeck critical point, Sudeck syndrome.
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Tenosynovitis was detected in two patients; as tendon rupture, carpal tunnel syndrome, sudeck atrophy, and radial nerve paresthesia was detected in one patient each.
Professional learning communities (Doolittle, Sudeck, & Rattigan, 2008; Lave & Wenger, 1991; Stoll, Bolam, McMahon, Wallace, & Thomas, 2006) provide an avenue for stakeholders to participate in a safe space where open communication is welcomed and respected.
Pollack, "Sudeck's disease and the psyche," Beitrage zur Orthopadie und Traumatologie, vol.
The worst complication that we registered was in BHB group, where a patient had LROM after arthrofibrosis with the following Sudeck's syndrome.
Stone hard fecaloma causes distention and increased pressure on the colon wall and decreases vascular supply of the colon wall, particularly at the antimesenteric site, which is a vulnerable region known as Sudeck's point (1).
Historically, CRPS has been called causalgia, algodystrophy, Sudeck's atrophy, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy (Tan et al., 2008).
of Patients Wrist Stiffness 5 Pin site infection 5 Pin Loosening 2 Tendon rupture 0 Compression Neuropathy 0 Sudeck's Osteodystrophy 0 Finger Stiffness 1 The commonest complications were pin tract infection and pain in wrist joint.
Keeping in mind that motivational as well as personality related aspects might be involved when selecting a sport (Eysenck et al., 1982; Sudeck and Conzelmann, 2011), prevention-oriented research might benefit from the study for differences between personality traits in winter sport participants for a better planning of programs for accident and injury reduction.