Paul H.M., German surgeon, 1866-1938. See: Sudeck atrophy, Sudeck critical point, Sudeck syndrome.
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Alternative names for CRPS in the literature include reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), algodystrophy, causalgia, Sudeck atrophy, transient osteoporosis, and acute atrophy of bone (55).
Contract award notice: Implementation of the project route Sudeck - the construction of ring road Dzierzoniow within the provincial road No.
1982; Sudeck and Conzelmann, 2011), prevention-oriented research might benefit from the study for differences between personality traits in winter sport participants for a better planning of programs for accident and injury reduction.
The bone site of increased uptake was exactly the site that Sudeck first described periarticular demineralization [5].
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Its chairman and CEO, Todd Sudeck, commented at the time that the combined firm would be able to achieve bigger success than any of the two companies could achieve as a separate entity.
Instead of relying on expensive commercially designed programs to educate children, districts and teacher education programs could form partnerships that support teachers during the induction part of their careers (Doolittle, Sudeck, & Rattigan, 2008; Hamos, Bergin, Maki, Perez, Prival, Rainey, et al.
Prevention de la recidive d'une maladie de Sudeck par la calcitonine.
Kemik kiriklari, minor yumusak doku hasari, dusuk dereceli infeksiyon, donma veya yanma gibi durumlarda ortaya cikmasi kolaylasan asimetrik distal ekstremite agrisi ve Sisligin bir hastalik olarak tanimi ilk kez Paul Sudeck tarafindan yapilmistir.
En 1900 Sudeck describio una condicion conocida posteriormente como Atrofia de Sudeck, la cual consistia en cambios troficos de la piel y del tejido subcutaneo y llego a sospechar que el Sistema Nervioso Simpatico estaba involucrado.