Sudden Wealth Syndrome

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A neologism for the ennui of info-tech’s nouveau riche who suffer from self-dissatisfaction despite their wealth and possessions
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These findings are actually conservative in the clinical experience of Dr Hokemeyer: "In my clinical practice, I see percentages in the range of 80% of entrepreneurs who struggle with a host of personality disorders such as narcissism, sudden wealth syndrome and the impostor syndrome.
The fact is that anyone who receives a substantial windfall can suffer from Sudden Wealth Syndrome and needs a plan to avoid it.
You may have Sudden Wealth Syndrome, an illness spawned by getting rich quick.
Symptoms of the malady, also called Sudden Wealth Syndrome, include boredom, loneliness, and no motivation.
The scourge of Sudden Wealth Syndrome has been highlighted by the tragic case of Midland former carpenter Phil Kitchen, who won pounds 1.8 million on the lottery in 1999.
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