Sudan black B

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Su·dan black B

(sū-dan' blak), [C.I. 26150]
A diazo dye; used as a stain for fats.
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P), Sulphur Powder, Sodium Notroprusside, Ammonium sulphate, Sudan black stain, Myeloperoxidase, Ammonium Potoasiam alum Last date.
Some fungal cells contain globules that are stained by Sudan Black B (Figure 2).
Phenotypic detecting methods used for identifying intracellular PHA granules are Sudan black staining, Nile blue A staining, and Nile red staining.
1942, "Studies on common aerobic spore forming Bacilli staining for fat with Sudan black B stain," J.
These vacuoles were positive for Sudan III, Sudan black B, oil red O, Nile blue, periodic acid-Schiff, Schultz test, and digitonin stain, and were negative for performaric acid--Schiff stains.
Although rarely needed, one may also confirm the presence of lipofuscin using any of a number of histochemical stains such as Sudan black B, Ziehl-Neelsen, and periodic acid-Schiff.
The distinction can typically be made based on hematoxylin-eosin-stained sections alone; however, ancillary methods including histochemical stains such as Prussian blue, Fontana-Masson, and Sudan black B and immunohistochemical stains for CD68, HMB-45, and S100 protein can also aid in this regard.
By adding few special stains such as Sudan black B (SBB) (2) (and not myeloperoxidase as SBB has a little more sensitivity in detecting myeloblasts which is the crucial point), plus a non-specific esterase stain as [alpha]-naphthyl acetate esterase it becomes possible to recognize AML-M1 and most cases of AML-M5a (3).
Thick sections of gametophytes in Spurr's resin were stained for lipids with Sudan black B (Bronner, 1975).
This layer is observed in material embedded in Spurr's resin that has been sectioned and stained with Sudan black B (Figs.
The blasts showed coarse granular staining for periodic acid-Schiff, but failed to stain with Sudan black B and chloroacetate esterase.
Furthermore, these are not AML-M1 blasts because they do not stain for myeloperoxidase or Sudan black B.