Sudan III

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Su·dan III

(sū-dan'), [C.I. 26100]
A red stain, used for neutral fat in histologic technique; it also stains the fatty envelope of the tubercle bacillus.
Synonym(s): Sudan red III
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Bio lab items : Acetone, Safrainne, Methylene Blue, Copper sulphate solution, Sudan III, Millons Reagent, Phenolphathalein, Biuret Reagent, Distilled Water, Starch Powder, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Cloride,
The following histochemical methods were used on the fresh material: ferric chloride for phenolic compounds; zinc chloride iodine for lignin and starch (JENSEN, 1962); Sudan III (SASS, 1951) and IV (GERLACH, 1984) for lipids in general; Lugol for the identification of starch (JOHANSEN, 1940); bromophenol blue for proteins (MAZIA et al.
The different tissue fragments were treated differently as to obtain frozen slices of tissue, stained using the Sudan III method, as well as in the classical method by inclusion in paraffin and later to be sliced and stained using hematoxylin-eosine (H.
These vacuoles were positive for Sudan III, Sudan black B, oil red O, Nile blue, periodic acid-Schiff, Schultz test, and digitonin stain, and were negative for performaric acid--Schiff stains.
On frozen sections, the thrombi stain positive with Oil Red O and Sudan III stains.
OBJETIVO: Precisar la utilidad de las pruebas de absorcion intestinal en heces (pH en heces, azucares reductores) y la tincion Sudan III en ninos con clinica de malabsorcion intestinal a disacaridos y esteatorrea.
Measures to stop imports of chilli and chilli products which contain Sudan I, Sudan II, Sudan III or Scarlet Red (Sudan IV) colourings were announced by the European Commission on January 21.
Positive stain for lipid includes yellow-orange for Sudan III, orange-red for Sudan IV, and blue-black for Sudan Black B (Conn, 1961; Gurr, 1962, 1965).
When using Sudan III or Oil Red O, the sample was left submerged for approximately one minute, then removed.
Faecal fat was estimated either by Van de Kamer's quantitative method (9) or by Sudan III staining (faecal fat microscopy) (10).
Con respecto a la reaccion de las muestras ante el sudan III y el sudan IV, solo se obtuvo una leve coloracion en el parenquima colapsado del mesofilo revelando asi la presencia de grasas y cutina en este tejido.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Chemicals -Picric Acid Solum, Diazo Reagent A, Diazo Reagent B, ISO Octane (2,2,4-Trimenthylpentane), Ethyl Acetate, Zinc Oxide Emplura, Isolation & Identification of oil soluble colour, i) Ammonia, All Solution of Reference colour:- Sudan-1, Sudan III, Sudan IV, Quinoline Yellow, Metanil Yellow, Methyl Orange (PH Indicator), Silica Gel G for TLC, Silver Nitrate Extra, Sucrose, Boric Acid Exrapure, Methanol, Buffer Tablet PH-4, Buffer Tablet PH-7,

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