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any salt, ester, or anionic form of succinic acid.
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A salt of succinic acid.
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Fig. 292 Succinate . Molecular structure.

succinate (succinic acid)

a 4-carbon DICARBOXYLIC ACID found in the KREBS CYCLE (see Fig. 292 ). It is formed from succinyl CoA by the ENZYME succinyl CoA synthetase. This is the only step in the cycle that directly yields a high energy bond. Succinate is subsequently oxidized to fumarate by the enzyme succinate DEHYDROGENASE.
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The binodal data obtained by the titration method for PEG 6000 + sodium succinate + water systems at various temperatures are given in Table 1 and are shown schematically in Figure 1.
where [W.sub.PEG] and [W.sub.S] are the weight percentages of PEG and sodium succinate, respectively.
where [V.sup.*.sub.123] is the effective excluded volume and MPEG and MS are the molecular weights of PEG and the sodium succinate, respectively.
In order to understand the effect of anion, the binodal curves of various salts having different anion and common sodium cation (sodium citrate, sodium tartrate, and sodium succinate) were plotted in Figure 2.
The tie-line compositions of the PEG 6000 + sodium succinate + water fitted with Othmer-Tobias equation (4) and Bancroft equation (5) [30, 31]