successive contrast

suc·ces·sive con·trast

the visual effect caused by viewing a brightly colored object and then a gray surface; the latter appears tinged with the complementary color of the object. Viewing a surface colored in the complementary color of the object rather than in gray enhances the color intensity of the surface.
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Sweetness: whether you know it or not, you have suffered from "Successive Contrast." In simple terms, it's orange juice after brushing your teeth.
The successive contrast is jarring, like a pulsing staccato.
In this paper we will present, two different experiments in which, both, rats that were subjected to random neonatal stress and the no-treatment condition, were exposed to two procedures of experimental frustration: the consummatory negative successive contrast (CSNc, experiment 1) and the consummatory extinction (EC, experiment 2).
Repeated successive contrast in consummatory behavior with repeated shifts in sucrose concentration.

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