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Below or beneath any zona or zone (for example, zona radiata or zona pellucida).
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The same is true of chitinozoans, where Armoricochitina reticulifera forms a good subzonal marker.
1990b; Megri 1993) with subzonal divisions, the authors applied zonal model processes to the COMIS computer program to produce COMIS with subzones (CWSZ) (Stewart and Ren 2006).
Subzonal insemination for the alleviation of infertility.
The lower boundary of that formation coincides well with the level of the last occurrence of the subzonal chitinozoan Acanthochitina barbata Eisenack (see Hints et al.
The subzonal names and boundaries described here are a step in reaching consensus among the CAVM scientists, and the discussion is ongoing.
In Ethiopia, SNIDs were conducted in 21 zones and three subzonal areas in five regions of the country.
At the zonal and subzonal level, the lack of capacity is painfully evident.
Partial zona dissection or subzonal sperm insertion: microsurgical fertilization alternatives based on evaluation of sperm and embryo morphology.
Upwards in the section the subzonal species Baltoplacognathus robustus was found in the Stirnas Formation at 387.5 m (Fig.