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A collection of web pages and other files, which may consist of one to thousands of pages, or custom created pages that draw on a database associated with the site.
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Online A group of related files, including text, graphics and hypertext links, located on the 'Web, and accessed with a web browser or by typing a unique address; a WS usually includes a home page and layers of supporting pages. See URL, Web, Web browser.
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Patient discussion about website

Q. what is this website?

A. its where people exchange medical experiences,rather than talking to doctors,that have never had the actual problem.

Q. Has anyone ever seen the website There is a cancer cure on it. George Cairns had prostate and colon cancer. He used a natural cure and was completely cured of cancer. I am wondering if any one has ever read his website

A. oops, cod liver oil increases the absorption of calcium.

Q. Can any one direct me to a website which offers information about "must to know during Pregnancy " tips and advices ? i would consider it a great favour and i'd be very thankful .. at the moment i'm about to explode ... i feel like i am far of being ready ... i think that without a good preparation i won't be a good father ... :(

A. Hey, Jim.. you can try several links (which are my favorites) here : (I suggest you to buy the book version, it's quite complete and informative) (this is my personal blog, just click on pregnancy tag words, then you can find several article I wrote about pregnancy)

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