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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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But she cautions against attempting to calculate treatment-related risks using people identified through the submariners' telephone hotline -- without medical records to confirm any reported diseases.
Butler, who is a supporter of the armed forces, wanted real submariners to have an opportunity to see the film and recorded a special message for them which was played beforehand.
Former submariner Rodney Silvester, 67, who had cancer, had outlived all his friends.
The only section that might not engage so much are the parts dedicated to models of submarines and the old belongings of submariners, which lack the dynamism of the other exhibits.
"I booked a flight to Kansas and we did a roadtrip of nine states and ended up gatecrashing the American submariners' get-together in San Diego.
It punched a hole through thin ice and the dead submariners were taken to a nearby base and flown home.
The SCOG was activated by the two submariners dropping a chemical briquette into a container, causing oxygen to be released.
A submariner is even more separated from the world than his shipmates aboard surface ships.
Former Canadian submariner Peter Kavanagh told the media, "There's no way you can put a [positive] spin on that." But Vice-Admiral Drew Robertson gave it a good twirl in his interview on page 8.
Independent scholar Knoblock examines the role of African American submariners, chronicling their service from WWII through the 1975 abolishment of the steward rating, to which they had been limited.
Hundreds of submariners converged on Liverpool's Adelphi hotel for an annual reunion service.