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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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It took Indian navy, an aspirant of global reach and power projection, nearly a month to find where exactly was a lone conventional submarine that had the ability to jeopardize the security of entire India.
Global submarine AIP system market is anticipated to witness significant revenue growth over the forecast period.
This report analyzes the Global market for Submarine Optical Fiber Cables in Kilometers.
"The large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk and the Admiral Gorshkov frigate have formed a search and attack surface group for the execution of combat-training tasks in searching for mock enemy submarines in the Baltic Sea.
Obtaining precise information out of North Korea can be challenging but an October 2018 article by Nuclear Threat Initiative (NIT) gave an assessment of the country's submarine capabilities:
The nuclear submarines enjoy an edge over conventional submarines because they can stay underwater for a much longer period of time, thus making it difficult for the enemy to locate and hunt them.
According to Indian government sources, after tensions between the two nuclear-armed neighbours spiked, India was unable to locate an advanced Pakistani Agosta-class submarine - PNS Saad.
Detection of submarines, in this manner, reduces the crisis stability that has prevented both India and Pakistan from launching strikes against each other so far.
Not only can indigenous submarines substantially increase the Navy's asymmetrical warfare capabilities, she said, but they can also effectively deter enemy submarines from encircling the island.
Scorpene-class submarine INS Kalvari was 'detected and localised' in Pakistan's Exclusive Economic Zone, some 86 nautical miles from Gwadar, according to a source.
The Submarine was detected and localized in Pakistan's maritime zone on 04 March 19.
The submarine was detected and localized in Pakistan's maritime zone on March 4 (Monday), a Directorate of Public Relations of Pakistan Navy press release Tuesday said.

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