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6] cells/mL, four times higher than non-infected cows, which shows that even subclinical infections can affect milk quality.
Before the flush toilet, infants and young children had exposure to the virus with subclinical infection while still protected by passive immunisation passed on from their mothers.
Ongoing subclinical infection of hepatitis E virus among blood donors with an elevated alanine aminotransferase level in Japan.
capsulatum in the studied area; in addition, the subclinical infection index in children and housewives indicates that exposition to these fungi and the possible coexistence of H.
Most importantly, both bacteria are capable of establishing subclinical infections whereby unsuspecting carriers can pass on the infection through sexual contact.
The horses have developed a strong immunity to the disease that can be attributed to vaccination or subclinical infection.
Yet, although the horse doesn't suffer from serious illness, it has been infected and even this subclinical infection can be enough to diminish a horse's performance.
The researchers also showed that this subclinical infection could easily be passed on when injected into healthy mice and hamsters.
We cannot rule out subclinical infection in some of our infants; however, it should be noted that none of them developed a significant increase of serum CRP, and they did well without antibiotic treatment.
Subclinical Infection -- Some children suffer from bouts of subclinical infection, usually of a respiratory origin.
This is because IgG alone is considered to be less reliable marker for dengue infection and its positivity is due to subclinical infection and its levels are higher in endemic areas (12).