subclavius (muscle)

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sub·cla·vi·us (mus·cle)

thoracoappendicular muscle; origin, first costal cartilage; insertion, inferior surface of acromial end of clavicle; action, fixes clavicle or elevates first rib; nerve supply, subclavian from brachial plexus.
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There hardly exists any anatomical study based on human target on subclavius muscle innervations pattern.
Therefore, in this study, we aimed to provide accurate parameters to localize the nerve endings for subclavius muscle belly and to investigate the basic information on nerve innervations on subclavius muscle.
Like on the right side muscle had a common tendinous origin with subclavius muscle from 1st costal cartilage anteriorly.
Several variations of the subclavius muscle have been described, one of which is the subclavius posticus, first named by Rossenmuller in 1800 and for which Akita et al.
They propose that both muscles are derived from the intermediate region between the subclavius muscle and the inferior belly of the omohyoid muscle, and can be innervated by the nerve to the subclavius muscle or by the branch to the omohyoid muscle arising from the ansa cervicalis.
The thicker part ended on the upper surface of the articular capsule of the shoulder joint, the thinner part inserted on the lateral third of inferior part of clavicle and fascia of subclavius muscle. Sawada et al.