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Notably, however, while DC migration across the subcapsular sinus lymphatic EC layer is CCR7-dependent, T cell migration across the sinus lymphatic ECs is completely independent of CCR7 signaling.
Interestingly, CCL1 is expressed by the subcapsular sinus lymphatic ECs of skin-draining lymph nodes but not by capillary lymphatic vessels in the skin, and inhibiting the CCL1/CCR8 interaction leads to impaired DC migration into the lymph node parenchyma, indicating that the CCL1/CCR8 axis functions downstream of the DC entry into lymphatics by regulating entry into the subcapsular sinus of the lymph nodes.
In number 3, an increased area of peripheral lymphoid follicles and definitive subcapsular sinus was identified in the deepest section, supporting the consensus among our reviewers in diagnosing this metastasis as a positive LN.
Our evaluators clearly favored the following 6 features: round shape, peripheral lymphocyte rim, peripheral lymphoid follicles, possible subcapsular sinus, residual LN in surrounding fibroadipose tissue, and thick capsule.