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Any layer or stratum lying beneath another.
[L. see substrate]
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(sŭb′strā′təm, -străt′əm)
n. pl. sub·strata (-strā′tə, -străt′ə) or sub·stratums
Biology A substrate.

sub·stra′tive adj.
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, substratum (sub'strat) (sub-stra'tum) [L. substratum, to lie under]
1. An underlying layer or foundation.
2. A base, as of a pigment.
3. The substance acted upon, as by an enzyme. See: enzyme
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Mr Wigley reminds us of the Tories' regional powers sub-stratum.
One hears so much about a sub-stratum of mostly young people whose culture is so impoverished that drink, drugs, pop music, football and teenage sex dominate their lives.
Compare this to the case of Levi de Barrios, who, posing as a Christian, wrote comedias for a patron in Brussels while also trying to establish himself in Amsterdam's Jewish community by writing morality plays that nevertheless, as Litovsky reveals, contain a sub-stratum of Christian assumptions.