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Phenylethylene; the monomer from which polystyrenes, plastics, and synthetic rubber are made; together with divinylbenzene (for cross-linking), it is the basis of many synthetic ion exchangers.
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C8H8, a colorless aromatic liquid hydrocarbon used to make plastics, polymers, rubber, and other materials used in the building industries.


It is a carcinogen.
CAS # 100-42-5
Synonym: ethenylbenzene; vinyl benzene
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A stress at strain of 1 increased as the styrene content increased, reflecting an increase in Young's modulus.
The highest conversion and grafting efficiency were achieved at a styrene feed of 1.5 mol/kg-rubber and were 98% and 93%, respectively.
by Seiichi Kawahara and Yoshimasa Yamamoto, Nagaoka University of Technology Table 1--feed of monomer for the graft-copolymerization Rubber Monomer Feed of monomer Sample (mol/kg rubber) name Enzymatic Styrene 0.5 E-DPNR-PS1 deproteinized 1.0 E-DPNR-PS2 natural rubber 1.5 E-DPNR-PS3 2.0 E-DPNR-PS4 Urea Styrene 0.5 U-DPNR-PS1 deproteinized 1.0 U-DPNR-PS2 natural rubber 1.5 U-DPNR-PS3 2.0 U-DPNR-PS4 Urea Acrylonitrile 1.0 U-DPNR-PAN1 deproteinized 2.0 U-DPNR-PAN2 natural rubber 3.0 U-DPNR-PAN3 4.0 U-DPNR-PAN4 5.0 U-DPNR-PANS Table 2--nitrogen content of natural rubber Incubation Nitrogen Specimens time content (minute) (wt.
Thus, the results of the estrogen screening test with MCF-7 cells confirm that some styrene oligomers exhibit estrogenic activity after metabolic activation by rat liver microsomes.
Styrene oligomers such as TCB are by-products in the manufacture of polystyrene and may later be released from the resin (Kawamura et al.
It has been reported that some styrene oligomers do not give a positive response in uterotrophic assay (Bachmann et al.