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Ernest H., English physiologist, 1866-1927. See: Starling curve, Starling hypothesis, Starling law, Starling reflex, Frank-Starling curve.
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Evolution in the introduced New Zealand populations of the common myna, Acridotheres tristis (Ayes: Sturnidae).
Sturnidae (2 spp.), Emberizidae (1 sp.), Motacillidae (1 sp.), Alaudidae (1 sp.), Passeridae (1 sp.), Laniidae (2 spp.), Zosteropidae (1 sp.), Corvidae (2 spp.), Dicruridae (1 sp.), Muscicapidae (3 spp.), Pycnonotidae (2 spp.), Cisticolidae (4 spp.), Leiothrichidae (1 sp.), Hirundinidae (1 sp.) belonged to Passeriformes.
Out of 35 Families, Sturnidae and Sylviidae had the highest number of species (5 species each).
DOUMANDJI-MITICHE, 1996.--Note sur le comportement trophique de l'Etourneau sansonnet Sturnus vulgaris Linne, 1758 (Aves, Sturnidae) pres d'El Harrach dans une aire d'hivernation.
The common mynah (Acridotheres tristis) is a family member of Sturnidae (starlings).
Hasta hace poco, la familia Mimidae era considerada proxima de Troglodytidae (corruiras) y Turdidae (sabias verdaderas), pero mediante la tecnica de hibridacion de DNA, se ha sugerido una mayor afinidad con Sturnidae, familia del viejo mundo que incluye los Estorninhos (ARGEL DE OLIVEIRA, 1994).
Four new species of Brueelia Keler, 1936 (Phthiraptera: Ischnocera: Philopteridae) from African songbirds (Passeriformes: Sturnidae and Laniidae).
Abstract: Over a 2-month period, individual birds belonging to species in multiple avian families, including Bucerotidae, Sturnidae, Columbidae, Corvidae, and Anatidae, were presented to the Animal Care Center at the Phoenix Zoo for emergency medical care.